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Monday, June 02, 2008


I am so bummed out. I finally got the word that I'll be in Vegas next week but when I looked for flights to get Grumpy out there too - no luck unless we want to pay $400+ dollars (for a little more than 36h in Vegas)! We couldn't use the stupid companion ticket because it requires 14 days advance purchase and while I could use my miles there was no flight that could get him back on Friday to one of 3 fricken airports???? I am so mad his b-day is Friday and it would have been fun to celebrate into it in Vegas. I mean I'll be there every 4 weeks so he can come on one of the other trips but still.... I was looking forward to spend some time away with him and now I'll be bymyself in the big fancy vacation hotel vs the normal business hotel I would stay in.


Beth said...

air travel sucks
air planes suck
air ports suck

but Vegas should be fun!

angel said...

aaaw katy katy katy, i'm so sorry!

wait, here- i'll wave my wand...
sparkle fizzle starkle twinkle pop

did it work?
damn... sorry!

Dino aka Katy said...

Beth - I don't stress to much about the air travel I learned to just take the whole day to travel that way if I am late no biggy

Angel - come on over it would be so much fun. My hotel is an awesome resort right at the strip