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Monday, September 17, 2007

now back to our scheduled program

Sorry I know it seemed like I was absent .... but I was just very tired and busy. My little buddy had to knock on the window of my office on a few days making sure I stay awake.

Last week was super busy. Monday I worked at the office from 8am until after 10pm trying to get caught up and in shape for the monitoring visit for two of my studies the next day. Grumpy even came by and brought me my dinner (M&M McFlurry) and stayed to help with some of the stuff.

Tuesday I had three Monitors in the office and the rest of the girls were taking bets on when I was going to blow. Normally just one comes and he is the new definition of Stupid. I can't stand him he is a total idiot but thinks he is "the cats meow". The other guy was even worse but at least the lady seemed to have some sense in her. All in all I was proud of myself as I did not snap even once.
After leaving the office I was off to work at the restaurant. We were super busy and I didn't get home till elevenish.

I can't remember what I did Wednesday besides that I didn't work at night and had to finish my paper that was due the Monday before.

Thursday I left the office early trying to get rid of my overtime and get a nap before I had to head to the restaurant. However, as you can see by the pictures the pups had other plans for me.
Here is Mac and of course Sassy had to butt in to be sure she didn't miss anything. So much for nap time.
I had worked 4 shifts this week and Saturday was the earliest that I got home (about 11pm!) We had been busy all week and I loved it since I made decent money. I did have a few quirky customers but nothing out right annoying so that was good.

Sunday was busy too I had the AP meeting at the police station where the girls had fun being in handcuffs. After that Grumpy and I met his mom and her husband at the German Restaurant for dinner. It was yummy especially the plum cake. Not as good as the one that the previous owners made but still good.

Today has been pretty uneventful. I only had one patient, lunch was Thai as it has been a lot lately. I just love the new place that opened around the corner they have the best Pad Kee Mow and their tofu is so yummy.

I did get a rather interesting phone call. One of the other ID specialists called wanting to talk to me about a patients lab and see if she qualifies for one of my studies. A doctor calling me is strange enough but okay so as we are reviewing the patients labs it turns out she wont work so then he asks me what medication to put her on! I told him my guesses but since I don't have her chart I don't know if those would work. It was pretty cool he agreed with me and thanked me for my time.

Well I better head home so I can finish homework and spend some quality time with Grumpy.


Bubs said...

I bet those cops had a good time...

and I love the pictures of the dogs. There's nothing better than falling asleep with a dog resting his head on your belly.

Dino aka Katy said...

Bubs - they did and they liked the snacks I left behind

jin said...

Cute squirrel!
CUTE pups!

I half expected to see a pic of Grumpy in the same position. *ahem* ;-)

the not so "new" mom on the blog said...

You caught me online. I am in the process of catching up with all my blog friends (jeepers havent done it in ages) and seeing that you popped in already, I thought I would stop over and say HI......HI!

Cute Pics of da doggies!!!!

Beth said...

only 92 days until Germany!!!!!! woohoo!!!

I love your dogs...I would let them sleep on me anytime.

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - get your mind out of the gutter

NMOTB - hi

Beth - yeah i am so excited

angel said...

sheeez you have been busy! i do hope this week is a wee bit more restful... and i love mcdonalds mcflurries- especially the oreos one! and now i'm dying for one!

Kingcover said...

Ah ha! Now I get it! I just read Jin's comment about the first picture. I wondered why you were showing us a picture of a tree and how it was your buddy, then I enlarged it and saw the squirrel. Doh *slaps forehead* lol.

I see a promotion in your near future after the doctor called you at work. He'll need someone helpful in his office :-)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Dogs never get enough time. Hope the APs in handcuffs were voluntary and not guests of the City!!

Get some rest, enjoy your family!!