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Friday, August 24, 2007

Florida vacation Part 1

This year for my moms birthday I decided to surprise her and go down for a few days to see here. Sadly our finances didn't allow Grumpy to come along to :( but at least this way the doggies and kitties wont have to go into a kennel. Since my flight didn't leave until 3 something I decided to go into the office till noon to get some work done - big mistake. The doc had me run around like crazy and I barely made it out in time. Grumpy and I went for lunch at my fav indian restaurant - Nawab. Yummy check out my lunch, spicy potatoes, vegetable komora, peas with paneer and the best of all CRISPIES!!! So good. Here is Grumpy's he had some meat too no clue what.

My flight was uneventful - on time which was great. When I checked the board in Charlotte I noticed that an earlier flight was leaving right across from where I got off. They were finished boarding but had a seat open so I hoped on that one vs the one 3h later.

Check out the sunset I saw on the way to my moms place. My cell cam really didn't capture the colors all that well.

The next day my mom wanted to check out some cars, go shopping and then I was to be on vacation - well we ended up buying her a new car - a 2007 Ford Focus which she loves. But as you all know that took forever so no shopping it was after 9pm when we got back. I tried to go to sleep but was up till 4am partly because she keeps the house at 80.

We had to get up early so get her old car to the dealer and then we were to go shopping and then my vacation was to start. Okay so this is day 3 and I have yet to see the pool!!!!! Anyway after 4 hours of sleep I was even grouchier than normal so before hitting the pool I wanted to take a nap.
Missy really didn't care that I was tired and tried to get me to play with her.

Well tomorrow is a new day hopefully I can get some pool time and make it to the gym.


jin said...

How hectic!!!
Hope she at least took you to lunch or dinner!!!

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - yes she did