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Saturday, May 27, 2006

6 hours are not enough

I am half asleep as I am writing this. Nothing to crazy or freakish occurred the last couple of days that was blog worthy. I waitressed last night, but did not end up with great tips or tables but didn't end up with crappy ones either. My friend came by the restaurant and after I got off, we had a couple of drinks there before we left for a bar close by. The band was decent and it was not too crowded.
We had not been out together in a while and I had a great time so did not even think about checking in with Grumpy
*(When I first met my hubby he was the bouncer in a bar I went to a lot with above mentioned friend. He was always there and had this facial expression as if he was going to break every bone in your body. I never knew his name so I nicknamed him Grumpy and the name sort of stuck). *
By the time my friend dropped me back at my car it was after 2am and I had a few missed calls. Grumpy was not thrilled when I got home. He said he drove past the restaurant and saw my car and got worried. He had called a few times unsuccessful since I had left my phone in my purse in my car. When I told him that my friend and I had decided to do this more often he said okay just keep your phone with you. Isn't it cute how he was worried?
So I got to bed somewhere around 3ish and got up at 9 to make sure Grumpy got up in time for work. After some cleaning and prepping for tomorrows BBQ I went to work at the restaurant. It turned out to be busier than anticipated which was good. I saw a few people that I knew and had 3 tables with really good tips.
Now I am so tired as 6 hours of sleep were not enough and once the meatballs are done I will pass out I am sure. Tomorrow should be busy, I have to work 10-4 at Busch Gardens (I get to wear my German outfit - joy) and then people should start coming over. Hopefully I'll have something blogworthy to report about that.
So what did you end up doing this weekend?


jin said...

It's nearly 1am here...I had 4 hours of sleep last night...I'm getting tired! lol
I'm sure I won't get home for another hour (Both David's & my computers are here, at the pastry shoppe, upstairs). I will, most probably sleep until 2 pm on Sunday. It's pouring rain here now, thunder & lightning like I haven't seen in years, if it's like that tomorrow I'll be on the pc all afternoon. I think I'll look forward to your escapades as it seems I'm pretty damn boring!!! LOL

Katy said...

Jin- hope you got home okay. I have noticed the blogger gets tempramental when one is in a rush

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