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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Driving home

Driving home
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Seems the state police is out in force today saw a bunch of people get pulled over this morning and afternoon. My phone keeps going of with winter weather alerts but its 62 outside. However we are to get snow tomorrow. We'll see.

So i was seeing a headline in the German newspaper i read online about a 16 year old girl being kicked of a train because she didn't have the entire fare. She had as much as she paid for her trip to her friend but as she tried to get the ticket back on the train the conductor wanted 2 more euros which she didnt have so she was kicked out at night at a closed station by -18celcius. Apparently this was not the first time this happened to a underaged kid riding the train. Tell you what if this was my kid I'd be furious and suing someone.

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