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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter and a favor

I hope everyone is having a great easter weekend. Grumpy the pups and I have been camping at Cherrystone all weekend making sure to throughly test the trailer :). This campground is more to our liking even if the pups and I were chased by some dog that wasn't on the leash this morning and ended up having to ask the park manager for help in order to get back to our trailer.

Here are some pics I took on my cell - we forgot to bring the actual camera.Here are the pups in their bedroom - yes they have their own little bedroom in the trailer.
Here is the view from the trailer - beyond those trees is the water. We are on the bay side of the eastern shore but you wouldn't know it as there is no land insight. We can totally see us here for a longer vacation. Sadely while the campground is relatively close we wont be coming here for just weekend trips. In order to get here we have to take the Chesapeak Bay Bridge tunnel and that costs us $20 one way.
Now to the favor - can you all please help Erin (above wiht her mom at a previous walk) meet her fundraising goal for the Chicago Epilepsy Walk. Please just $5 will be awesome. Please go to her page or go to , click support a walker and add Erin Gard in the walker search box. It will take you to her page where you can add however much you are willing to donate (it is tax deductible). As you may remember Erin went thru lots of tests and even surgery last year in hopes to cure her Epilepsy but unfortunately it was unsuccesfull so she still depends on medication to keep her seizures under control.


Bubs said...

Happy Easter Katy! The donation is made, not much but I hope it helps.

That campground looks wonderful. Glad you're enjoying it!

Dino aka Katy said...

Bubs - thanks so much every penny counts I know Erin appreciates it.

angel said...

Happy Easter darling Katy Katy Katy!!! I am so glad you're having a nicer time at this park than the last one!

Coaster Punchman said...

Cute dogs!