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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Will this week never end?

Got an early wake up whine - somethings wrong with Sassy. We noticed Thursday night that she doesn't jump up on us anymore. Something we have been trying to teach her not to do but haven't had any luck. She would try to jump up and then stop midway and whine. However when we took them for a walk later on she was fine - pulling on her leash wanting to go faster. Then yesterday she still seemed sore but it looked like it was getting better - we guessed she played to hard with Mac. Well I was woken at 4 am by a loud whine from her. Dave had just gotten back from his store and had called her over and that is when she whined loud enough to wake me. So here i am waiting for the vet to open at 7am to take her. Taking her to the vet is not an easy task. The police had taken her from a home when she was 10months old where she had been abused and starved and put her in the shelter where we found her. She was 15lbs underweight!!!! She doesn't like strangers and doesn't like to have them touch and examine her when she is not hurting. They have one nurse she lets touch her but even with that one she has to be musseled and be near me all the time or she freaks and tries to bite. Not sure how today will go they may end up having to put her under to do any types of tests since she seems in a lot of pain. I don't think us just holding her will work when she feels this miserable :(.

55 more minutes till the Vet opens :)


Bubs said...

I hope she's ok. It's so hard to watch your dog be sick.

angel said...

oh katy i'm so sorry... i hope it goes smoothly and its something minor.

Dino aka Katy said...

Bubs- she is feeling much better thanks

Angel - well its not minor - the vet said she probably has hip displasia and this would most likely reoccur. She got some painkillers that we give her (stuffed in a hot dog is her favorite way) and she seems better. She is not 100% yet. The vet said to bring her back if she is not okay in a week to get some x-rays

angel said...

sorry katy... {{{hugs}}}

Dino aka Katy said...

Angel - yeah it was pretty scary but she seems almost back to normal