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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

how cool

I think its totally cool that my first time voting for president is done and the one i voted for won. I hope he does well. To me it was an easy decision - having grown up liberal in a socialism culture I am all for spreading the wealth. Now I did consider the other one for a minute but when he chose her and I saw what she stood for it was all done. I am sorry I will never understand how a woman can stand against legal abortions - how can you want to loose the right to decide what you do with your body!!!!!!!!!!!! And to be stupid enough to think that if you make it illegal it would stop it from happening -NEWSFLASH people would still have them - but in back alleys and the deaths from complication and infections would skyrocket. Don't get me wrong I am not for abortions to be used as birth control and I would never have one but I think every woman should have the right to decide themselves. There should be counseling and it should not be an easy fix but it should be available.

Enough politics - I don't usual go on about politics and will not start now. I am traveling as usual - as for the trying to get pregnant issues - still no luck its been 3 months of meds - injections in the stomach. No worries we are not giving up but it seems we will need to take the next step.


Bubs said...

Congratulations Katy!

Not only did you vote, and vote for a winner, but you and thousands like you in states like Virginia and Indiana made Obama's victory possible.

Thank you!

angel said...

yay for you voting!
it seems pregnancy- or trying for a baby- is a common thing with my regular blog reads.
strongs girl, i think you and grumpy would make wonderful parents!