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Friday, October 10, 2008

A cold, a mouse and lots of work

Those are the reasons why I haven't been around the blog sphere. The cold came on last weekend and I have been miserable all week. I am slowly feeling better still coughing. It didn't help that I had been gone since Monday and just got back last night. I didn't even bother to unpack my bag - my room in vegas is more of an appartment and has a washer/dryer so I am going to do my laundry there on Sunday after I get in. Yes you read right I am leaving again Sunday till Friday. Poor Grumpy he has to be by himself again for a week. I do think he doesn't mind it too much because he can have the control of the remote control and eat seafood while I am gone.As for the mouse - well Cleo killed one a couple of weeks ago and Grumpy went ahead and set a trap behind the faucet since he saw a mouse runing along the wall there. So I walk into the kitchen today to fix some lunch when I see this blur - I look and there is a tail hanging out of the trap - twichting. Well that killed my appetite. Called Grumpy so he could come home and get rid of the dead mouse as I was not going back in there with the tail still hanging out. The good thing about his new store is that its right around the corner so he actually did come by quickly and got rid of the thing. My appetite didnt come back until dinner time.

Well I better get some stuff done around the house. I have Au pair things to deal with all afternoon tomorrow and 9am Friday is when I head toward the airport.

I am kind of pissed that I dont get to enjoy my pretty roses. I realized half way to Charlottesville that I should have taken them with me so I can enjoy them in the hotel - maybe my cold would have been better had I got to look at them. But no and by the time I get back from Vegas they will have passed on :(

Speaking of Grumpy - he got to go and see his Steelers play the other week - took a bunch of pics. So look for a post with him being the ghostwriter.


jin said...

Feel better soon!!!

angel said...

oh shame katy katy katy! are you feeling better yet?

Dino aka Katy said...

Jin - getting there

Angel - yes loads