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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

why would you be that stupid?

I know I know I owe you a few posts. Its been a bit hectic around here. I finally got my new office cleaned and set up - well I have a desk and a chair and a lamp so all the essentials. For some reason they can't get my phone line to work but the guy is coming back out Thursday night.

I am getting quiet excited I had a little orientation call earlier today and can't wait to start. I also found out that I am allowed to help out in my current job until he hires someone or my patients are finished.

For a minute last week it looked like he had someone. I was working as a nurse as our nurse was on vacation and I checked in the dad of one of my former coworkers. I asked him how she liked her new job and he said she hadn't started it to which I replied to bad she doesn't want to work here. Well he must have told her as she called the Doc mere hours later. So by Wednesday they made her an offer and it looked like she'd start Monday. This would have been great, while she is not my favorite person she does know the ropes and my patients would have been okay. However, by Thursday she had not called back and when the Doc called her at home he was told she is busy now and can't talk to him ???????? Anyhow she hadn't called by Friday and Monday I told them I can stay and finish out my patients. Then today I heard from the office manager that that chick called Tuesday afternoon and wanted to talk to the Doc or my boss - but the Doc is on vacation and according to the office manager the job is no longer open anyway. I just don't get why she'd screw herself this badly. I mean if you call someone for a job and they offer it to you - you don't just not call them back for a week! Besides the other job she had gotten was in research to but as an assistant - she never even told them she had worked here or used the Doc as a reference - why???? I mean his reference and letter of recommendation helped get me my job and his name is well know in the research community. She is young if research is what she wants to do then she shouldn't slam the door on him. We'll see how this plays out.

In other news I am almost ready to turn our stuff over to the tax people which is huge for me normally I don't get this far until the first of April. Which would be good as Grumpy's car wont start unless you push it and mine died on me 3 times yesterday on the way to work. He is going to get an "new(er)" car with the return leaving me with the SUV in case my car dies.


Bubs said...

People do some unbelievably stupid things when it comes to job hunting. When I was doing background investigations for new police hires I was always amazed at the number of people who were on the eligibility list who simply failed to return phone calls or respond to offer of employment letters. Sheesh.

Good luck with your taxes--I just got back from my appointment and I was thrilled with my refund compared to last year.

Dino aka Katy said...

Bubs - that's just crazy. The office manager said today that she called her back yesterday and still has not heard!